This is a ever expanding list. But the main features of bHUD are:

  • Big and clear display of your current position (Works on practice and qualify as well)
  • Laps to the end of the race (Time to the end if it’s a timed session)
  • Clock always on screen
  • Table and Chart of all your lap times during a session. The table can be copied and pasted elsewhere.
  • Chart saved as picture for future reference or to compare setups
  • Chart can be used in historic mode (all laps are recorded and displayed) or recent mode (only plots your latest laps)
  • Strength of Field (SoF) displayed on all online sessions (Even hosted or practice)
  • Expanded Flag status with caution count
  • How many laps to green are always displayed even on the pit lane during a caution
  • Pit lane speed warning integrated to speedometer in color code. Accounts for the small excess allowed by iRacing
  • Pit box proximity window displaying distance to your box
  • Pit box proximity sounds. With a few different sound schemes. (Voice warning, Beep every 25 yards, etc)
  • Pit entrance and exit times are also recorded and displayed. (Practice pit entrances and exits made easy)
  • Pit entrance and exit of other drivers displayed
  • Big speedometer in mph or kph
  • RPM bar, color changing according to the car spec and gear ratio (RPM numeric display included in the bar)
  • Shift Light. The whole speedometer will flash blue when the RPM is appropriate for a gear change. (Only works for up shifts)
  • Current gear display
  • Accelerator and brake bars with numeric displays enclosed
  • Fuel available displayed to the second decimal place (Easier to practice the best ways to save fuel)
  • Fuel consumption on the last lap
  • Fuel consumption average per lap (based on the current stint)
  • Fuel needed to finish (Either laps or time are accounted)
  • Available Laps with fuel on board based on the current stint
  • Available Laps with fuel on board based on the current session
  • Available Laps with fuel on board based on the current session but not counting  yellow flag laps
  • List of all drivers with time and lap differences, Irating, SR, Club Name, Division
  • Buttons to hide/show any of the Driver’s List columns
  • Highlight on the list if a driver enters pit lane, stops on the pit, disconnects
  • List of the drivers pit times, pit lane time and lap when last pitted
  • Engine warnings (Visual and Audio)
  • Low Fuel warning (Visual and Audio)
  • Movable windows that can be placed anywhere on the screen or closed
  • The location of all windows is recorded between sessions, no need to re position them
  • Everything is displayed real time

Future features:

Team data exchange in real time (Fuel, Engine Temps, Position on track)
Pit and incar adjustment suggestions (Fuel, tire presures, trackbar)
Export all session data to Excel or Text File
Screenshot Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

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