I started writing bHUD to avoid asking the same old questions during a race:

Is it two to green or one to green?
How much fuel do i need?
Where’s the pace car?
Did he put two or four tires?

In addition to those questions, when spotting for friends or having a spotter my self, the most common topics are:

Am I gaining on him?
Is everyone behind me on new tires?
How many laps since the last yellow flag?

I set out to craft a piece of software that would answer all these questions, and put them on my screen.
I also didn’t want to fumble around with phone or tablets, setting up server software just to see basic information.
I wanted a virtual spotter with a side of crew chief.

In some ways I think I’ve achieved what I’ve set out to do.
I’m not getting speeding black flags on pit lane. I’m not missing my pit box.
I’m more aware if the guy behind me is pushing. I’m saving my tires by being more consistent on my laps.

Initially I tried to make all the information available on top of iRacing full screen.
I did a few tests and was able to do it. But i had security concerns.
After a few mails back and forth with the kind people of iRacing I had to change my approach.
I was discouraged at first. But I started again from scratch and soon discovered that i was able to do a lot more by using
simple windows on top of iRacing running in Windowed mode.

A couple of months of hard work and I had a finished product, that after showing to a few racing friends led me to
introduce a few features. A bit more features. More options and a LOT more features later here we are.

I hope bHUD helps you the way it has helped me become a little better at iRacing.


  • iSpeed was my inspiration and benchmark
  • Idiot Buzzer gave me some nice ideas
  • Everyone at the API forums
  • The guy who developed the C# API SDK
  • Falcon Motorsports for their patience
  • Club Brazil for their suggestions, criticism and cheer enthusiasm
  • iRacing for their brilliant piece of software, that may not be perfect but it’s the best

A special word for my wife who feigned interest on my ramblings about conversions from liters to gallons or about the oddities of the pit lanes.


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