Archive | November 2012


After two months of closed beta and personal vacations.
I’ve made several changes to bHUD.
Most of the came as suggested by our testers.

  • The moving windows bug is now completly squashed.
  • It can behave much like iSpeed does, by launching in a single window with moving panels.
  • The number of lines of code has been reduce by almost half.  End result, bHUD is now a lot faster.
  • That nasty launch error is long gone.
  • That data collector for teams and leagues is now built in.
  • The ability to remotely use bHUD (on another pc) is also built in.


At the moment i’m now working on streamlining the good old Speed window. It has been revamped and has a lot more funcitonality.

Flag status, Session status, Race length and current laps, current position are now all being displayed on this same window. It still uses the same screen real estate as before, around 300×200 pixels. But data has been packed in a simpler way.
Also now there’s redundancy. Meaning that stuff being displayed in short for on the Speed Window is also being displayed on other windows in more detailed fashion.

This gives the user the ability to choose what they want on their screen. But the One Window to Rule them all is now in place.
Race data and fuel data as yet to make an appearance on Speed Window but wil probably do so this week.

Expect some screenshots soon.