Archive | August 2012

Closed Beta

Finally bHUD is entering closed Beta.

Starting now a bit more people will start testing bHUD, and that will help me in tracking any bugs and making it stabler/faster/better.

Latest Video


Yes i know there a bug in the fuel window. All fuel related stuff has to be revamped.


I had to wade a bit on the crypto swamp to figure out how to generate serial numbers and activation codes.
But i think I’ve finally nailed it.

bHUD will be free. But with some limitations.
Those features that are unique to bHUD will be only available fully to those that choose to donate a few bucks (less than an iracing car or small track).

Some may agree with this model. But I’ve now spent a lot of time and brainpower on this project and I’d appreciate some support.

Again everyone will be able to use bHUD freely. Those that choose to upgrade will be rewarded with expanded functionality.

All donations will be done trough paypal.

The devil is in the details

I had a frustrating day of coding today.
Had to refactor the gap finder code several times. Took me a few hours to find the weird bug, that was plaguing that little but essential feature.
But i’m pretty please with the end result. Also with so many attempts at getting it right, hashed a different way to sort the data based entirely on track position. Which can be handy at times.


Mind the Gap

Included a few missing columns on the Driver List Window.
Implemented the brand new Gap Column.
Shows the gap to the car a position ahead.
Still have to iron out some quirks when the car ahead is on a different lap.
Will reuse those calculations on the upcoming Vicinity Window.
I still need to highlight position changes

Did some exploratory work on the Licensing packaging and security.

Several Updates

Major overhaul on the Driver List Window.

Small Buttons that enable the user to hide/display columns from the list
Status column with background coloring to easily display pitting and disconnected users.
Also some testing going on on the window borders not fancy and nothing permanent so far


Big update also on the Info page of the Info Window.

Now displays all the information. Hiding elements unavailable according to session.
Tab styling changes for better user experience.

Got some work done on broadcasting messages. Ugly stuff..

Picture of the day

Lap Time Chart

Still needs some polish, but the bulk of the work is done.
Will feature a checkbox to switch to charting the 10 last laps, or all the laps.
Making it a moving chart by default might be interesting to avoid odd spike during yellow flags or pitstops.


Moving char and checkbox done. Quite pleased with the results.